Sunday, December 21, 2014

Holiday Traditions

Holiday traditions run rampant
Every home different but the same
What food to eat and where to meet
And should we watch the game?

Christmas tree – fake, real or not
Tinsel or garland or just a few lights
Angel, star, Santa or nothing atop
And just when should we put it up?

Some give gifts to everyone, others nary a few
others draw names – who’s got grandpa?
Christmas Eve or after church oh just how long must we wait
Oh please, oh please let me open one early

So whether at home with family and friends
Or far away across many time zones
Enjoy the season, the reason, and the love

And reach out to the rest via your phones!

Monday, December 9, 2013

No Matter What

My 2013 Christmas poem:

No Matter What
No matter what tree you gather around
No matter with whom you sing carols
No matter what gifts you give or you get 
No matter what holiday treats you consume
No matter how many cards you send or receive
What matters …. Is that YOU are Merry this Christmas

Monday, December 24, 2012

Signs of impending festivity:

• Christmas carols resounding non-stop on the radio

• Salvation Army bell ringers stationed at every store entrance

• Giant City Hall trees bedecked with lights

• Parking lots abound with cars circling for an open spot

• Strangers greeting strangers with “Happy Holidays”

• Vacation days marked off on the calendar • Roads overwhelmed with vehicles laden with presents

• The baking of special holiday treats to share with loved ones

• Ugly Christmas sweaters, now in vogue, modeled at work and parties

• Families gathered together to pursue traditions

• Sparkly decorations and icons of Christmas at stores, gas stations doctor’s offices, and of course, home

Let the festivities begin!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

What a year!

What a year …
Like so many
Wrought with drama and celebration
Death and near misses
New and rekindled love
Challenges and achievements
births and new beginnings
Strife and joy
Change, growth, and transition
What a year!
In the end … the good outweighs the bad
In the end … I’m happy not sad.
Happy New Year!

Colors of Christmas

Colors of Christmas
What color is your Christmas?
Bing sings about white Christmas
Elvis about blue, Burl Ives, Silver and Gold
Santa has rosy cheeks and a scarlet coat
holly and Christmas trees - green
Bluebird has gone away
Brown paper packages tied up with strings

A color extravaganza
Not just red and green
Colors significant in all that they mean
My tree is bedecked in traditional colors
But this year I added a few:
Purple for Tri Sigma,
Pink in memory, and
Blue for M go blue
Celebrate and surround yourself with your colors
This day and throughout the year

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

By Your Side

The first time I slept by your side
I was restless
Unfamiliar, unaccustomed was I
Your presence

The next time I slept by your side
It felt “right”
I awoke refreshed
And I smiled when I awoke

Last night when I slept by your side
My head lay on your chest

Our breathing in sync
Our legs intertwined
Tonight I sleep alone, not by your side
The bed is so empty
In the night I awoke
And I reached for you
I vote for more night to sleep by your side

Like the Tide

I lay next to you
My head nestled on your shoulder
Your army pulling me in close
We fall asleep
Through the night
We drift apart
Then we touch and again
Come together
Hand in hand, side by side,
Again we drift
Then find ourselves spooning
Like the tide meeting the shore