Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Park

a brief interlude in the park
relaxingon a sun drenched bench
holding hands and kissing fervently
oblivious to others passing ... watching
I acquiese to stroll down memory lane
take a walk through the park
humming a nameless tune
till rain drizzles from the sky
dampening our skin
and I smile
as I am still here with you

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I may have fallen

I may have fallen for those eyes,
But I stayed for the way you look at me.
I may have fallen for the sexy curve of your lips,
But I stayed for the way they say my name.
I may have fallen for your charm and witty banter,
But I stayed for the sincerity and directness.
I may have fallen for your sensual kisses and your embrace,
But I stayed for the lingering touch and shivering down my spine.
I may have fallen for all the wrong reasons,
But I stayed for all the right ones.
Ticket Stub
Who would think
that behind old prom dresses and graduation gowns
under mothbitten sweaters
in a box with the four corners tucked under one another
beneath old school pictures,
an outdated magazine with laughable fashions
and a pile of over due bills
is a dust covered wallet
whose measely contents are limited:
a temporary license stapled to its predecessor
a work ID, and a big screen movie card
hidden in a secret zippered pocket
is the movie ticket stub
you told me to save forever just because.
And now the memories overwhelm me more than they should
and I tuck them back awayfor another day.