Wednesday, November 23, 2011

By Your Side

The first time I slept by your side
I was restless
Unfamiliar, unaccustomed was I
Your presence

The next time I slept by your side
It felt “right”
I awoke refreshed
And I smiled when I awoke

Last night when I slept by your side
My head lay on your chest

Our breathing in sync
Our legs intertwined
Tonight I sleep alone, not by your side
The bed is so empty
In the night I awoke
And I reached for you
I vote for more night to sleep by your side

Like the Tide

I lay next to you
My head nestled on your shoulder
Your army pulling me in close
We fall asleep
Through the night
We drift apart
Then we touch and again
Come together
Hand in hand, side by side,
Again we drift
Then find ourselves spooning
Like the tide meeting the shore


3 minutes into our first chat
I was hooked
3 hours into our first date
I was aglow on the dance floor
3 dates in
I couldn’t wait for the next
3 weeks and I’m writing poetry
3 months – the next milestone


Life seems simpler
With you ---
The rush and hurry
Fade away
We together –
the world fades away
You – me – together
And in this moment
I am so happy

Our Best Interest

I think it would be in our best interest
To go out
To stay in
To hang out
To chill out
To sleep
To play
To walk in the woods
To search for ghosts
To see a game, a movie, a concert , each other
Yes, I think we should

Never did I expect

Never did I expect
That first date –
Not kept at Paneras
Because we could not wait
Would lead to this…
Now every date …
We anticipate

I like

I like ...
Your playful demeanor
Your cheerful presence
Your sensual touch
Your attention to detail
Your “bad boy” attitude
Your carefree way
Your charming smile


Over and over
One word comes to mind:
- Like an old favorite pair of jeans
- A faded college sweatshirt
- A beloved teddy bear
- An easy boy recliner chair
Comfortable, like two old friends
Meeting for the first time

Thanksgiving 2011

It’s that time of year ….
When we pay attention and focus on that for which we give thanks …
The obvious comes to mind: secure employment, a home, a reliable vehicle, health, love, friendship
The true thanks is in the details:
• A job I love
• My messy home with a great landlord
• My sweet PT Cruiser
• Health insurance for my ailments
• Family near and far
• Friends who make me smile and make me feel special
Life at 50 has been good to me so far! Thanks to all!