Friday, August 29, 2008

Dream of Me

Dream of me …
You whispered just before we parted
Think sweet thoughts of you and me
Dream of me
Caressing your face, gazing deep into your eyes
Nuzzling and kissing the nape of your neck
Dream of me
The warmth of my body aligned with yours
Slipping gently into slumber
Dream of me
Before your last thoughts are of tomorrow
And today is gone forever
Dream of me
And I will dream of you


Why do we want so badly

That which is not available

Out of our league

Out of our price range

Out of our zip code

Out of control

Out of circulation

Why do we want so badly

That which is not available?

It is because it is unavailable.

So when we can not attain it,

We can justify

The loss is not so great

Parallel Lives

Whatever I write wouldn't suffice

To express the angst

That permeates and hibernates

Within you … within me.


Has befriended us

Allowing our parallel lives

to intertwine

when both so needed this contact

The essence of your scent

The sparkle of life in your eyes

The warmth of your personality

The tenderness of your touch

The passion in your heart

Have not withered to extinction

Let me remind you what it is to live.

Sweet Addiction

What sweet addiction is this which surges through my body to my very soul?

What urges me to seek more, to embrace the emotion of the rush?

What habit will I form if I succumb to the poison you call love?

How easily does this want control my thoughts … my desires.

When again will the sweetness of your words bathe me in caresses?

What illusion of intent have I created in my blissful unawareness?

Absence of Truth

How honest must I be with you?

With myself?

So many lies and omissions

Floating around us –

Like dust particles

Inoffensive –till someone stirs them

Or shines the light

To expose them

And even though

Nothing has changed-

Everything is different

Except the absence of truth


Para oír tu voz
tocar tu piel
sentir tus labios
oler tu olor

ver tu sonrisa

Como el día, la noche
la luna, el sol
la lluvia, el arco iris
la orilla, la ola


Hasta el día
La hora
El minuto
El segundo
Que estamos juntos otra vez

Hasta cuando no tengo que esperarte más

I Cry

I cry . . .

Not to bring her back,

But to bring me back.


My tears have already dried

and yet,

they have not been shed

the not knowing

what tomorrow will bring

is overwhelming,



These tears


to be used again.

Wipe not my tears away

for they may be

my only memory

of you.


I feign nonchalance, indifference

And at times

Almost convince myself

But I know too well

The signs of sorrow, longing, of emptiness

My façade cannot disguise

The reflection in the mirror

The reflection in your eyes

I Can't Breathe

How many hours

can these tears fall

before they dry up?

How long can I gasp for air

between sobs?

How long will my chest heave

with each breath I take?

How long will I write into the night?

I don't remember the last time I cried myself to sleep.

It scares me, my feelings

But they will fade

I should have known,

Tested the water

I know it wasn't your plan …

To hurt me

But it happens.

I can't breathe

Concentric Circles

Put on the spot about my emotions, my feelings

I flounder; I hesitate; I vacillate…

Such as what my emotions, feelings do towards you

Our circles, as you call them, intersect, but are not concentric

Yet when they do meet … they vibrate

A certain connection … we energize each other

When I'm with you, when I have your undivided attention

I feel special … desired

And when the attention is elsewhere, I am content

Knowing I am still your friend, albeit in the shadows

And when apart … I know … you know

We proceed independently …

Each dealing with the challenges that life brings us

Each attempting to juggle what conflicts are thrown at us

Each trying to hold on to that which keeps us sane

And a part of that …

a special part of that …

is the unique friendship we share

(Written for Randy ... may he rest in peace)

Even When

Even when

The music has died

The miracles have faded

And the clouds have lingered and blocked the sun …

Give one more hug.

Think not of yourself:

Your needs

Your worries

Your pains

Your sorrows

Just give one more hug.

And then another.

And then wait …

For the music, the miracles and the sun

To reappear

I May Have Fallen

I may have fallen for those eyes,
But I stayed for the way you look at me.
I may have fallen for the sexy curve of your lips,
But I stayed for the way they say my name.
I may have fallen for your charm and witty banter,
But I stayed for the sincerity and directness.
I may have fallen for your sensual kisses and your embrace,
But I stayed for the lingering touch and shivering down my spine.
I may have fallen for all the wrong reasons,
But I stayed for all the right ones.

A Glimpse of Your Heart

A glimpse of your heart
Was all I got
And you left me yearning for more
To know the depths of your soul,
The intensity of the man
Behind the words

A glimpse of your passion
Was all I got
And you left me yearning for more
To know the depths of your sensuality,
The intensity of the man
Behind the touch

A glimpse of your life
Was all I got
And you left me yearning for more
To know the depths of your experiences,
The intensity of the man
Behind the joys and burdens

A glimpse of you
Was all I got
And you left me yearning for more
To know the depths of your motivation,
The intensity of the man
Behind the inspiration

Monday, August 25, 2008

She'd Been Waiting

She'd been waiting ...
(written for my brother Paul and his new bride)

She'd been waiting for him
And he, for her

Not for an hour or a day
But for a lifetime

Long before ever acknowledging
The other's existence in this realm
The need had begun

She knew … he knew ….
What would make the world complete

And yet obstacles, disappointments
Misconstrued relationships
Eons spent wondering, wandering
In a maze of oblivion
A plethora of emptiness
Kept them apart

But now,
After so many lost yesterdays and misplaced tomorrows
Forever is not long enough
for all the smiles in the morning,
naps in the afternoon,
kisses in the evening
and whispers in the night

She'd been waiting
For him
And he, for her
And at last …
. . . the waiting is over



Society dictates
That we live by certain rules
Behave like well trained puppies
Such as we are taught.

Rules control success, safety, pleasure, conformity
Some rules are cast in stone
Some rules vary by setting, situation, players

Laws of nature
Cannot be denied
Social norms prevail
Laws and guidelines
Employment policies
License restrictions
But ultimately ... rules

And yet as individuals
Amongst all these imposed conventions
We insist on the creation of our own personal rules-
personal preferences, limitations, expectations

Which are the hardest to obey?
Extrinsic or intrinsic
Self enforced, I think.

What circumstances?
What consequences?
What contradictory behavior most rewarding?

Self enforced, I think.

Recycled Words

These words
Normal, well used
Are recyclable
Like glass, cardboard, plastic
And the emotions they represent
Nothing special
Webster has nothing on Shakespeare

What word picture you paint
The canvas you choose
The composition, the vision
It's all how you mix your paint
How you blend your words
For the right mixture
Of fantasy and reality
Of truth and fiction

Step One

My blog is not going to include rants about the world and life's wrongdoings. It's probably not going to hold a diary of what's going on in my life. But, what it is going to contain is my poetry. I have been wrting it for over 30 years. Some of what I post will be old, and some of it will be recent. You may find you can relate to some of what I write .. if so .. cool. If not, click the X and move on. I've been told I should publish. This is the first step, I guess. I'm open to feedback. (Just don't crush my fragile feelings, please.) Thanks to all of you who have been my inspiration, my muses.