Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tme and again

Time and tme and time again
life throws a wrench
makes me change my plans
don't get too confident
your life, your love, your work
could tomorrow all be gone
You cannot control
what others say and do.
Only to ourself can you stay true
time and time and time and time again.
I pick myself back up
wipe away a tear or two
anc curse at my badluck
and then I straighten up my back
stick my chin up high
and time and time and time again
begin again my life


Lonely? Me?
non sto
by family, co-workers, and at times friends
I see solace
I seek escape
I see companionship.
I seek communication.
Loney? me?
oh yes

You Never Called

You called me out
-- called my bluff
-- called the kettle black
-- called it like it is
and then
-- you never called


The saturation
of your infatuation
and your interrogation
of my expectation
of this fraterniztion
raises hesitation
toward my destination
in a mutual relation
- enough explanation

Unwritten agreement

We have an unwritten
unspoken agreement
that the depths of our passion
will never escape the confines
of our moments
and of our memories
our reality
is not fairytale
or happily ever after
but it is a dream come true

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry for all the inequities
for which you feel you suffer
I'm sorry I over reacted,
that my words were not well thought out
I'm sorry my love does not make up
for lack of love received from others
I'm sorry for all the times in my life
I was not quite enough
for being weak when you needed me to be strong
for bad decisions that impacted our lifestyles
for not measuring up to what you wanted from me
but not once have I been sorry
that you're my baby girl -- not once


Photos document my life
simplest activities record
and shared
for all to see
validating who I am
making real the memories
so when my recollection fails
or days drag on
simple reference to them
rejuvinates and revitalizes my memories


unexpected deviation from the path
by choice we change our route
but detours are not self imposed
we fret; we pout; we complain
a disruption to our routine
but the detour need not be condemned
it opens our eyes to new paths
new perspectives
sights never seen revealed
to you the traveler
on your tried and true route
per chance to execute intentional exploration
my life needs more detours
so I can find the right path

We need to communicate

You hear me, but you do not listen
we exchange words, but we do not communicate

So intent are you to have your say
you talk over me and others
you wait not for your turn
you reflect not on the discouse
but rather push your own agenda
irregardless of what is said

we need to communicate
but you know not how

so romantic

a romantic "our song"
candy hearts
bouquet of roses
symbolic jewelry
poetric words
boxed chocolates
sweet carress


I thought maybe
just maybe
it was you
there waiting
just out of reach
maybe after so log
of waiting
but alas
I was mistaken
it was not you
but a mere mirage
of who you might be
somed day
when the waiting
is over


I cannot sleep.
The words in my head torment me.
Please stop.

why date

Some people date
with the express purpose
of finding someone special
some one so fantastic
to find the time honored "one"
the romantic once in a lifetime

I date to rule out
to learn more about myself
set the standards higher
and make more exceptions

Where is the balance?

I don't belong

I don't belong in your world
any more than you do in mine
so different are our daily paths
that intersection is unlikely
but when they intentionally do ....
the results are phenomenal

Here Before

I've been here before
this place of nothingness
my world is bleak
my future presents nothing new
I am restless and lethargic simultaneously
no promises made, thus none broken
results the same