Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Home zone – war zone

Home zone – war zone

If these two factions cannot find truce
What hope is there for nations
Fighting for their home land

Shrapnel lodged in the memory
Of harsh words launched years ago

Torrent of emotions: fear, pain, jealousy resentment, loneliness, abandonment, favoritism

Insults launched like hand grenades
Even a simple meal can lead to hand to hand combat

Threats of torment
Sneak attacks on personal property
Intrusion on solitude of day to day life

Rare tides of calm exist just long enough
To lead to a false sense of security

Both sides deny the responsibility
Of being a catalyst for outbursts of chaos
Both innocent in their own minds

Although attacks are not directed at me,
Switzerland - the motherland,
I am injured by the fall out
A prisoner of war in my own home
I want to flee for shelter
For refuge pandemonium and turmoil
But I am bound by commitment to this place I call home.


Anonymous said...

Sibling rivalry perhaps?

brat said...

ya think? :(