Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Time Warp

Time Warp
Sometimes I find myself
Wallowing, wondering, wandering
In a time warp

All the clocks in my house
Minutes differ from room to room
On certain days an hour can pass
With nary a move of the clock

So many hours are spent reminiscing
Photos, especially, touch my heart
A familiar snapshot can ??
Memory overload
Melancholic flash backs
Drive me to the past

Without skipping a beat
I’m yanked to the future
Wondering where I am going
So clich̩ Рbut so true
What do my tomorrows hold
Will my anticipations be met
Or trampled

This rubberband existence
Of yestertimes and the unknown
Cannot be tracked
By even a crystal ball
And I find myself lost
Unable to ground myself
Find myself
Enjoy myself
In the here and now

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