Friday, August 29, 2008

Concentric Circles

Put on the spot about my emotions, my feelings

I flounder; I hesitate; I vacillate…

Such as what my emotions, feelings do towards you

Our circles, as you call them, intersect, but are not concentric

Yet when they do meet … they vibrate

A certain connection … we energize each other

When I'm with you, when I have your undivided attention

I feel special … desired

And when the attention is elsewhere, I am content

Knowing I am still your friend, albeit in the shadows

And when apart … I know … you know

We proceed independently …

Each dealing with the challenges that life brings us

Each attempting to juggle what conflicts are thrown at us

Each trying to hold on to that which keeps us sane

And a part of that …

a special part of that …

is the unique friendship we share

(Written for Randy ... may he rest in peace)

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