Monday, August 25, 2008

She'd Been Waiting

She'd been waiting ...
(written for my brother Paul and his new bride)

She'd been waiting for him
And he, for her

Not for an hour or a day
But for a lifetime

Long before ever acknowledging
The other's existence in this realm
The need had begun

She knew … he knew ….
What would make the world complete

And yet obstacles, disappointments
Misconstrued relationships
Eons spent wondering, wandering
In a maze of oblivion
A plethora of emptiness
Kept them apart

But now,
After so many lost yesterdays and misplaced tomorrows
Forever is not long enough
for all the smiles in the morning,
naps in the afternoon,
kisses in the evening
and whispers in the night

She'd been waiting
For him
And he, for her
And at last …
. . . the waiting is over

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Anonymous said...

Very cool poem and welcome to the world of BLOGGING!!