Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Memory Tree

The Christmas tree, each unique.
An undeniable symbol of the season
Often bedecked in blinking lights
Glittering ornaments, sparkling tinsel
Has become a memory tree.

My tree is not glamorous
Nor noteworthy in an aesthetic sense
But it is unique and remarkable,
A one of a kind mirror of me, my life

A new friend of mine
Said to me, “I like your memory tree”
Curious as to what she meant,
A few minutes explaining she spent

Each ornament has its own life and carries special treasures
Each ornament represents joys and simple life measures
Tears filled my heart as I recalled all the melancholic pleasures

Decorating the tree is more of a ceremony
One by one, memories are hung on the tree
Brought back to life with stories told
“Oh look, your grandfather carved that just for you”
“This is from our family vacation”
“Remember when she collected bears”
With each ornament, I reminisce
Baby’s first Christmas,
Homemade yarn snowmen
A ballerina and a miniature baseball mitt
A brittle vintage ornament

As each ornament carefully transcends
From its tissue covered comfort
To the bright exhibition for all to see
A new tradition unfolds
Celebrating each adornment

And even now as I hang my brand new musical note
I note its significance and know that next year
this will become a new memory
For the memory tree

A tear trickles down my cheek
As my finger tenderly traces the delicate ornament
That once bedecked my family’s tree
Some memories are more poignant than others

My memory tree changes
Every year
My life grows and changes
Other people bear witness
Reminiscing of similar life patterns
Yearly we return to the memory tree

This evergreen not a mere host to lights and tinsel
Remember elves, ornaments and such

Each unique in history and symbolism
Each marking milestones and memories


Brian said...

A lot of soul in this poem. I enjoyed it very much Jo! Happy Holidays!

Pat said...

Awesome poem. It reminds me of how we decorate our tree every year. One by one, I think about where or who the ornament came from and the memory behind it. Thanks GF