Saturday, December 13, 2008

Don't Forget

Displays of lights line the streets in the city
Parades and parties and everything pretty
Everyone rushing, here and there
The essence of Christmas is filling the air

You can see it aglow in the smiles of faces
laughter peals out from the quietest places
The awe at the falling of winter’s first snow
Is often hidden to shoppers on the go

Stockings and candy canes,
No not just mint
The spirit is growing,
If you need a hint
That soon families and friends
Will gather, unite
It’s a remarkable time
For doing what’s right

Sharing and giving, singing carols and more
The true meaning of Christmas can’t be bought in a store
Reminiscing while hanging each ornament bright
Believing in Santa, the magic, that night

In the rush and madness you just may forget
About the joy of your family buried under the debt
It’s not the gifts or the cards or the money you spend
It’s all about caring and love in the end.

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