Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snippets of Christmas

Although Christmas Day lasts but 24 hours
That which precedes and that which follows -
just as valuable
Christmas is a patchwork of snippets
The scattered elements coming together
To make Christmas . . . CHRISTMAS

snow days
donning antlers
frolicking in the snow
kissing under the mistletoe
shoveling out after a blizzard
selecting just the right gift card
wearing festive holiday sweaters
getting photos taken on Santa's lap
Ho Ho Ho
placing the angel on top of the tree
sticking out tongue to catch snowflakes
browsing catalogs and making a wish list
exchanging Secret Santa gifts with coworkers
taking a family portrait to share with loved ones
begging to open "just one" present Christmas Eve
hanging cherished stockings on the fireplace mantel
slowly driving through light bedecked neighborhoods

-- a light extravaganza --
finding the perfect stocking stuffer, the yearly ornament
humming along to classic carols playing over the loud speaker
watching holiday classics: Rudolph, Charlie Brown, Grinch, Frosty
reciting memorized lines and singing along
writing the family Christmas letter recapping the year's highlights
reconnecting with old friends through the news they share
sporting green and red socks with cute kittens or penguins in Santa hats
sipping hot cocoa with mini marshmallows after sledding down "the big hill"
decorating homemade holiday sugar cookies with fondant frosting and sprinkles
the lighting of the community Christmas tree at City Hall wile a local choir sings
donating to Salvation Army bell ringers, who despite the freezing cold, still have a
"Bless you, Merry Christmas"


Brian said...

well done the poem in the shape of the tree...very cute.
happy holidays..hope to touch base when things settle down out here..
take care

Miss Jolene's Blog said...

How's life treating you?