Monday, September 8, 2008

Music Permeates Our Lives

While in the car we sing old favorites
while at pre-school, rhyming songs
in church we sing praise to God
on VH1 we hear the top 40s
while roasting marshmallows we sing campfire songs
advertising jingles relentlessly stick in our heads
at sports events we sing the national anthem
or our school fight song
at bed time, a lullaby
yon the dance floor, "our song"
in the shower, the car, the church, the classroom
country, jazz, rock, contemporary, international
eight track, cassettes, records, compact discs
phonograph, record player, walkman, boom box
jingle, ballad, love song, fight song
it sells, it soothes, it energizes, it romanticizes
Music does so much.
Music permeates our lives.

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