Monday, September 8, 2008

Store your Secrets

Where do you keep/hide/store your secrets?
• Under your socks
• In a locked box
• A sealed envelope
• A deep hole like buried treasure
• In the depths of your soul
• Behind a wall in your heart
• In an old black backpack
• In a discarded photo album
• In the imaginary confines of your brain
• Under your bed
• In the confidence of your trusted friend
• In a personal diary
• In the words of a poem

It matters not .. .
What do you do with those secrets?
Or what they do to you?

Do they . . .
• Trap you?
• Lay mute?
• Give you nightmares
• Make you cry out in the night?
• Stifle you?
• Depress you?
• Caress you?
• Haunt you?
• Control you?
• Mold you?

Or are they well kept … wherever it is you keep/hide/store them?

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