Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Silent Tears

Silent tears fill my eyes
as my heart swells,
my throat tightens
and I begin to shake

What releases the floodgate that holds my memories in tack?
o A song on the radio or a melody hummed by an unknown passerby
o a subtle scent or a whiff of perfume, perhaps ode de watermelon bubble gum
o a holiday celebration full of familiar traditions
o a threatening thunderstorm or a gentle rain shower
followed by a double rainbow
o an echo of your voice on the wind
o a dream that awakens me in the middle of the night
o the reflection of your smile in a child’s eyes
o a photograph depicting a captured moment in time whether stoic or comic

So many waters at constant battle, this barrier at my emotional dam
but not one tear, not one memory will I lose.
I will remember and treasure each ... always.

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